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SAP BI and eCommerce with Winshuttle

Webinar: SAP BI and eCommerce with Winshuttle – Doing business in the moment Learn the basics of BI and leverage Winshuttle features to integrate your eCommerce Register here: Webinar SAP BI eCommerce Winshuttle – NIEFERT LLC in San Diego from Wolfgang Niefert Agenda Overview: •BI Consulting Best-Practices •BI Terms and Concepts (Universe, SQVI, …) […]

What is the SAP “Shadow Theme”?

Do you know the SAP shadow theme? It is a common problem with SAP implementations. Employees praise SAP, but really they only do so, because they fear that any criticism for SAP will render them incompetent. This leads to a situation called “Shadow Theme” where creative power and workforce agility is trapped. If you want […]