Hybris and ERP Staffing

ERP Staff Augmentation

  • Targeted Placement
  • Client controlled timelines
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Premium Resources guarantee success

Specialized Hybris Project Teams

  • Team based
  • Task oriented engagements
  • Time based engagements
  • Management augmentation
  • Flexible team sizes

ERP Evaluations

  • Proven methodologies for ERP evaluations
  • Professional process documentation
  • ERP evaluation scorecards

Hybris Resources

  • Hybris Architects
  • Hybris Developers

ERP Expertise

AP is the leading ERP solution in the market. The success of an SAP implementation though is not only based on standard methodologies provided by SAP, but also the ability to connect business requirements with existing SAP features. It is easy to decide for external solutions when covering crucial company processes. However often features are readily available, but are left unused. NIEFERT has been focusing on SAP related projects for more than 10 years. With our internal and proven external resources we can help you optimize your investment with SAP and related technologies.

Application Management Services

S oftware assessment and professional software lifecycle management optimizes your investment. Specialized services include:

  • Assessment of software development projects for legal and status purposes
  • Code-Analysis and software value identification
  • Strategic adjustment and correction of software projects with escalations
  • Emergency On-Site project management



ur proven methodology uncovers hidden potentials and aligns your business requirements with SAP’s Rapid Implementation Methodology. If your SAP system is already in production, we will perform a Business Value Analysis that showcases unused potentials within the SAP system.

Training Courses


ustmized training that relates your company specific configurations with SAP training content, can leverage your user’s learning experience. Your key users learn crucial SAP technology with an “On-The-Job” environment. This reduces travel time and increases efficiency drastically.

SAP MRP PP Consultants


ith many year’s experience in Production Planning and Quality Management with international world class companies our consultants can help you improve SAP PP and QM projects.

eCommerce Architects


eb Channel solutions come in all variations from entry level pricing to high-end solutions. We can help you improve the web experience and offer expertise with ERP backend integration.

Hybris Consultants


ur Hybris Expert team consists of Offshore and OnSite resource:

- Team of 37 Hybris specialized consultants
- currently 15 deployed in the UK
- Successfull customers: 3
- Experience with Hybris 5.0
- Customer references will be provided upon signing NDA

Note: NIEFERT requires a dedicated NIEFERT eCommerce project manager at your project site. We do not just bring resources. We manage the project to ensure success.



BI Project Management


usiness Intelligence – BI is a key element in driving the success of your business. However the nature of BI commands an ongoing refinement of BI related reports. We help you implement a BI reporting platform that can sustain change and improve over time. This way you can leverage valuable SAP technology and turn your investment into business value. It’s not about data, it’s about actionable information you have today.

PMP Project Managers


roject Management is not only an art. It’s a professional expertise. NIEFERT acknowledges this fact by making sure our key consultants are PMP certified.

Quick Start your ERP requirements with proven individuals and teams.