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N2ONE GoogleDocs 2 SAP ECC

Benefit Summary:


Do you need the ability to enter Sales Orders into SAP ECC using Google Docs?
The N2ONE GoogleDocs 2 SAP solution does just that and more.
You can integrate Sales Order Processing and Master Data Management.
You manage your data in GoogleDocs – Changes in SAP ECC are showing in Google Docs and vice versa!

Workflow Sales Orders

Workflow 1: Sales Order Entry
- User logs into Google Docs
- User adds items to Google docs document
- User saves the document
- Sales Order arrives in SAP ECC
- Google Docs shows order number

Workflow Master Data

Workflow 2: Master Data Management
- View and Edit Item Price Lists from SAP ECC in Google Docs
- Write update back into SAP ECC
- View success in Google Docs


Added Feature: Embedded Analytics
- View Sales Order status in embedded analytics
- View Master Data status in embedded analytics


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