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eCommerce Guide


What are the top 11 questions to ask when evaluating eCommerce platforms? The NIEFERT Insight Series about eCommerce and Omnicommerce provides guidance for the RFP (Request for Proposal) process. With the right questions and answers you can reach a final decision faster. In addition as a customer you can be sure the important topics are covered.

SAP Hybris


hybris helps businesses on every continent sell more goods, services and digital content through every touchpoint, channel and device. hybris delivers OmniCommerce™: enterprise software and on-demand solutions for unified commerce processes and commerce-focused master data management that give a business a single view of its customers, products and orders, and its customers a single view of  the business.

N2ONE™ Portal


Web Channel and Rapid Implementation – The N2ONE™ Portal is a Real-Time integrated web portal solution for SAP (ECC 6.0). It includes portals for eCommerce (B2B, B2C), electronic Newsletter Management, Web Service Calls and Web Reporting. The N2ONE Portal includes End-End Processes with SAP Integration – No programming is required! SAP Processes with Web connection: Sales Order Process, Shipping Carrier Rates, Payment Processor Integration and Self-Service via MyAccounts.


SAP Integration Solution – Bits


The Business Integration and Transformation Platform – BITS is a modern middleware designed to connect SAP with external application. You can connect your applications on a transactional level. No ABAP programming is required. There is a fast growing list of templates that includes virtually all SAP transactions. Need to connect GoogleDocs with SAP? Learn more here.

N2ONE™ Call-Center


The N2ONE™ Call-Center with SAP integration is designed to leverage the web channel experience. An organized single-view of customer history and related notes allows call-center agents to quickly and efficiently view customer order history. The fast paced workflow of modern agents is leveraged with the efficient interface as no drill-down and minimal mouse clicks are required to operate.

Winshuttle – SAP Usability


Winshuttle offers an exceptional product that addresses the most common needs of SAP customers - all in a single and easy to use package. If you need to optimize your SAP Master Date Management or need to reduce repetitive tasks in SAP then Winshuttle can help.