NIEFERT Winshuttle Consulting and Sales


Winshuttle’s suite of products are designed to improve SAP usability. Winshuttle enables business users to work with SAP solutions directly from Excel, SharePoint and other interfaces without any programming. By offering the familiar Excel user interface to power users, Winshuttle enables both business and IT users to solve SAP business process challenges.

“Build it – Run it – Control it” – That’s the fast paced implementation methodology for Winshuttle products. Our services are focused on Master Data Management as well as advanced topics related to inventory forecasting.

  • Master Data Management with Excel using Winshuttle
  • MM Master Data
  • Vendor Master
  • Data Validation
  • Mass Data Maintenance
  • Excel Dashboards and Reports with SAP information

Transaction-Icon-32x32 Transaction

Update and create transactional and master data in SAP from Excel and Access without programming.

Query-Icon-32x32 Query

Query makes ad-hoc reporting accessible to business users without compromising SAP security and performance.

Direct-Icon-32x32 Direct

Build complex SAP data creation and change scenarios using BAPIs without ABAP programming.

Designer-Icon-32x32 Designer

Quickly design, publish, and maintain secure web forms that help users accelerate SAP processes.

Studio-Icon-32x32 Studio

Combine Transaction, Query, Designer, and Direct into one suite to reduce total cost of ownership.

logo_new NIEFERT Winshuttle Services

NIEFERT offers a set of Winshuttle “Applications”. A Winshuttle Application is a pre-configured template. Check out our Winshuttle Forecasting Template and Excel Dashboards based on SAP data.